Our Circle of Influence and Fascinating Results


Prayaas is running one free of cost evening class for needy children. It is also running one sewing teaching class at Lucknow for maids. These classes are run by our Lucknow coordinator Mrs. Usha Kapoor.

Prayaas is successful in empowering its adopted slum at Mandiri area near Patna by primary education, technical training and employment for needy children/young boys and poor women.

Creche at Shimoga: Prayaas is funding a creche, PRAYAAS HOME, at Shimoga, Karnataka. Total kids strength at the creche is 25. Non-formal education is imparted to the kids.

CET Help Desk and 24 Hrs Helpline: 24 Hrs telephone Help-line was made available to CET (Common Entrance Test) appearing non-bangalorean students in year 1999 and 2000. In addition, Pamphlets containing information about Hotel addresses and telephone numbers were made available at our CET Helpdesk on Bangalore Railway station. Similar helpdesks were also setup at Patna Railway Station.

Mahila Udyog Mela: Prayaas has successfully conducted “Mahila Udyog Mela” at Basement of VLCC, Shiva complex, near bandhan guesthouse, Bhootnath, Indira Nagar,Lucknow on 7th, 8th & 9th Nov’ 2001. Around 700 to 800 people have visited this mela. There were 13 stalls erected and maintained by poor ladies. They have been charged RS 500/- per stall and they could earn much more then that from this mela. Cost for this mela is sponsored by Prayaas.

PRAYAAS Centre at SAHARSHA, BIHAR: Dr. Usha is conducting this guidance cum attitudinal development workshop since inception of Prayaas. She is quite successful as shown by the good results achieved by the attendees in State Board and Competitive exams. She is a retired professor, dedicated to transform her village, and is using the PRAYAAS platform

Other Activities at Prayaas, Patna:

Two villages have been adopted by Prayaas to reform. Both the villages’ have criminals, drinkers and poor strata of slum people.
With “Deepayatan” adult education and women empowerment, classes are going on daily. Two surveys had been done and now females are ready for SHG creation. 10 volunteer had also been trained.
With Janhit, the health care project is going on. Two volunteers being trained at PMCH in first aid and Injection giving skill. They will be now used for a long vaccination program.
With ADRI, we have organised a group vocational course and they will get certificate also. ADRI is a Ministry of HRD project and Govt. recognised. 15 boys are involved.
Three boys have been covered by IGNOU’s certificate programme and exams are going on.
Groups of young boys are having attitude development classes every Sunday evening.
On World letracy day in year 2001, an educational game for four Hours’ was conducted in slum in Patna. A drama team had been finalised who are preparing their own drama against drinking & other bad habbits to be played in Hotel Maurya Lok complex, Patna.
In Lohanipur Slum, Patna, Bihar, a library cum study center is constructed.
PRAYAAS has become a key contributor to the overall literacy strategy on BIHAR and helping the ministry of HRD along with selected 61 NGO’s to implement the needed resource moblisation. On 14th and 15th of this month, PRAYAAS is also in the participation list of a round table meeting on deciding the future course of action and implementing few modules of it.
Mr. Johar Vidyarthi, a guy from slum near Patna Railway station is being empowered to look after various activities like new paper distribution, cleanliness, education for child and few more activities. He has been imparted training for SHG functioning and other Prayaas activities at Bangalore and Shimoga, State Karnataka.

This is the beginning of the story of which all Prayaas is are part of, to make a difference in the  life of the deprived men, women and children, to empower them. We help in a unique way of funding where funding is possible only when they learn something, the idea being to “Teach them fishing and not give just fish”.

We have in mind of enter preneurship for unemployed young generation, so that they can do some small business by making chocolate, mixture, and papad, etc like small-scale industries.

All said and done, but all these ideas, commitment are not possible in this practical world without money. Isn’t it? Your generous contribution will really enable Prayaas to do aforementioned activities along with many more things in future.Donate now!