HAP stands for Handicapped, Adoption and Poverty. We help poor and deserving people in this project. We are taking care of Poor Boys and Girls Hostel by paying their rent, providing clothes and daily use items. We are also in the process of adopting such hostels to enable the children in such hostels to acquire quality education and pursue a decent career. We had also supported the Sri Lankan refugee children staying in Indira Gandhi International Academy.


Team members

Ashoka Kumar,Dilip Kumar Palwekar Priyadarshini P.Sudhir Kumar,Mezjan Dallas and Nandini Bhattacharjee (Outside Prayaas)


Our main objectives are :

For handicapped persons, we have to find out the persons who are willing to  sponsor them and we have to help them to get all the facilities from the  government since there are lot of facilities given by the government.  In case of adoption we have to collect the details of the child, hand it over to the adopter and to monitor the adoptee every month and send the  report to the adopter. Find out the problems faced by poor people and to empower them to overcome  these problems.



To educate the children at least till 10th standard and move them to proper direction through  our “Career Counseling ” project to build their career.
If possible, we will take over this organisation or we will try to merge this with a well established  organisation for an easy movement.
Find out some proper jobs for the parents of the poor children so that they can take care their children.

Contribution to IGIA from Prayaas through HAP :

1)      Visited IGIA to find out the facilities available there and their problems.

2)      Donated around 150 text books for SSLC and 7th std. students.

3)      Donated stationeries like pens ruled sheets for exam. Etc.4)      Donated old clothes.

5)      Conducted a medical camp for the children of IGIA to check up general health        conditions.

Find out different orphanages, visit there and collect the possible information from there like no. of children, fund raising, their problems, in what way we can help them, what are the conditions met by the children before joining there, what are the facilities given to the children.